Hunter Professional Therapy, LLC

Opportunities To work where you are appreciated

HPT is therapist owned and operated so we understand the hard work involved with each assignment.

At HPT, we work for you offering choice assignments, and an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills.

We understand your need for flexibility, so we try to work around your schedule and you never have to worry about being pressured to accept an assignment.

Thank you for taking an interest in HPT. We are always interested in those who feel they can be an asset to our company, as we strive to become one of the best.

If you feel you can contribute to our success.

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HPT Staffs

We are currently interested in professionals who can provide excellent quality treatments and services to our customers. Our highly trained and dedicated therapists will provide treatments only through accurate, reliable, and legible documentation.

Each HPT member is a vital part of our company and is accountable for managing his or her caseload. It is a practiced standard and expectation for each HPT member to consistently proofread work, meet deadlines, and perform with the highest ethical standards, without constant reminders.

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